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Update on sales

Hey there to everyone who purchased from my sales post a bit back: all packages have been shipped out.

I'm not on lj as much these days, so I thought I'd just leave this announcement here. If you need to get ahold of me, I'm usually on my tumblr daily, and will respond to any messages much quickly there. Thanks again!
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Hello again!

I know I'm back logged on feedback guys, I'm going to try to leave feedback for all my recent sales tomorrow morning! I haven't been on live journal much for the last couple weeks, I'm really sorry it's taken me so long! So just know I haven't forgotten. It's just that I have about ten different ones to leave, and I know that's going to take a bit to do!
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I've been working so much lately, I haven't had time for any updates, and I'm really sorry about that! It's funny, there's like 6 women at work who are all pregnant, or due to have the baby any moment. So, lots of hours to pick up while they're out on maternity leave. Theres a joke at work, they say not to drink the water from the water fountain there or you'll end up pregnant :P Lol, not me! No way! ahaha.

In any case, it's nice to have extra money, but it makes it so hard to keep up with anything else. My house is a mess, I have so much laundry to get caught up on, I need to leave feedback for my etsy sales and lj sales. And I haven't been able to run any errands at night because one of my car's headlights went out :( Need to get that fixed this weekend. Ah.... I'm so glad to have the weekend off!!!

I can get caught up on orders, chores, maybe even have the chance to actually have some fun, eh?

Well, anyways, I've been writing again. Check it out if you'd like! Con crit's always welcome as well.
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Thanks for all of the encouragement in my last post everyone! The job is going well, in fact I work at six in the morning tomorrow, so I'd better get to bed! Have a great week everybody!
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:) So here I am again

Long time no chat live journal friends! How are all of you? I haven't been around much over here, but I'm starting to miss my journal. I think I want to start updating again, it was always such a good way to keep in touch with people, and I also love looking back at my old entries to see what exactly I was up to so long ago xD I'd also like to start writing poetry and short stories again, hopefully they won't be too bad or boring for others to read.

In any case, I'm going to try to update each week at least once, like I used to ! Hopefully, but I won't pressure myself, or else I probably won't do it! haha!

But I'm really interested in hearing how you have all been, what you have been up to, what have you bought, tell me all about it!!

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Hello everyone! Long time no post!

Just a heads up, I've started an etsy store!

Lots of sweet stuff!

I hope everyone is doing well. As for me, I've been working hard and trying to save money. No PMX for me this year :( But hopefully I'll make it out to the next big meet. Oh, and I hope you all had a nice Halloween!

Here was my Jack o lantern hehe ;P


Take care!